Sage HRMS HR Actions

Paper is Dead. Web-based Forms are the Future of HR.

Sage HRMS HR Actions eliminates the administrative burden of paperwork in your organization by giving HR professionals the ability to quickly and easily build web-based forms, route them for approval and save data directly into Sage HRMS. You get more control and visibility over where forms are, who has approved them and when they’re completed by an employee.

Go Paperless

As an HR professional, do you believe you spend too much time tracking down forms and think an easy-to-use, automated process could help you save time and focus on what’s really important for your job?

Simplify the employee change and performance appraisal processes. Interactive web-based forms replace paper forms, are easy to use, and result in submitted actions that are complete, accurate, and secure. Empower managers and improve service with online access to real-time information, including employee personnel files. The dashboard gives managers and HR visibility and control of actions throughout the workflow process. Sage HRMS HR Actions helps you accelerate HR and payroll transactions throughout the employment lifecycle.

Transform Your Organization

Sage HRMS HR Actions® lets you easily create paperless forms using almost any field from within Sage HRMS.  Imagine the possibilities, as you can process any action from request-to-hire to termination and everything in between. You're even able to create status changes and performance appraisals. Save time, money, and paperwork with online manager and employee self-service.

How would eliminating paper-based forms throughout the entire employee lifecycle improve your organization? We believe it can revolutionize the way you do business. Benefits of going paperless with Sage HRMS HR Actions includes:

  • Give HR more control—Using dashboard views and other functionality in Sage HRMS HR Actions, HR can better control and manage how data is collected and saved into Sage HRMS.
  • Streamline processes and improve efficiency—As a self-service application, employees are able to simply fill out a web-based form that is routed for approval and data is sent back to HR to save directly into Sage HRMS. Eliminate the challenges of trying to read hand-written forms, losing track of where forms are in the approval process, missing the right approvals, or other problems that can result from a paper-based process.
  • Ensure consistency with business processes—Documented online processes around required data in forms and how they should be routed for approval ensure reliability and consistency with day-to-day business activities.
  • Reduce data entry errors—Trying to read illegible forms can be difficult, and ensuring that data is correctly entered into your HRMS can also be problematic. Web-based forms filled out by employees can eliminate these issues as data is entered electronically directly into HRMS.
  • Eliminate costs related to paper-based processes—A study by the Boston Consulting Group found that it cost employers on average $25,000 per employee to fill a four drawer office cabinet.  Costs of paper-based processes include paper cost, printing, copying, postage, storage, filing and recycling.
  • Improve employee morale—Employees are increasingly demanding a workplace that favors web-based systems and processes. Moreover, the stress and hassle of managing paper-based forms becomes a thing of the past.
  • Establish better record-keeping—Recorded audit trails of what fields were filled out, when they were approved, who signed off on them and when they were completed give much better visibility into HR processes.
  • Become more environmentally-friendly—As a very green-friendly solution, Sage HRMS HR Actions eliminates paper waste.

“HR Actions is an exceptional program that has saved me data entry time, decreased our personnel paperwork routing time and the amount of paper we print for files.” ~Denise Bartolomei, HR Administrative Assistant, E Center

“We continue to envision new workflows through Sage HRMS HR Actions for our organization. ...It is helping us not only to get our old manual employee-processes automated, but is stimulating us to ponder new out-of-the-box solutions for increasingly complex human resource scenarios in today’s fast-paced world. The depth and robustness of Sage HRMS HR Actions continues to surprise us. As soon as someone says “there’s no work-around,” we pull another rabbit out of the 'HR Action’s hat'.”  ~Bill Cullen, Project Manager, CAMBA

“I find that since the implementation of Sage HRMS HR Actions in 2009, more managers and business area supervisors are aware of our activity, as well as more involved.  We have greatly reduced the amount of paperwork and margin for error with data entry.  Above all, the time it saves and the efficiency of employee data directly moving between the initiation of an action, approval and payroll processing has improved a great deal.” ~Veronica Cortes, HR Generalist, Railworks Corporation

For more information on Sage HRMS HR Actions take a look at some of the additional resources below:

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About Sage HRMS®

Sage HRMS is an industry-leading, customizable HRMS solution that helps companies optimize their HR business processes as well as maximize their Return On Employee Investment (ROEI)™. Developed by HR professionals for HR professionals, Sage HRMS delivers a tightly integrated set of comprehensive features and functionality that increases efficiency and improves productivity at every level in the organization.


Action (Form) Status Dashboard

In the world of Sage HRMS HR Actions, we call forms "actions." Unlike most paper forms that are often cluttered with areas that might not be relevant to the employee, we believe that smaller forms—or actions—allow for better personalization and usability. Within Sage HRMS HR Actions, a dashboard will present a clear view of what actions have been completed, which are pending approvals and how many have been rejected.

45+ Form Templates Included

To make life easier, we've included 30 template forms out-of-the-box for you to customize or start using. These forms were compiled using the best practices from a wide variety of HR professionals. Just like templates you might find in a word processing program, these forms will help you get started quickly and likely improve your existing forms. Forms include pay rate change, status change, request for hire, termination, and more.

Multiple User Levels

Administrators have the ability to set up parameters around multiple user groups. Whether you are a supervisor or employee, you can initiate a new action—or form—directly from the Sage HRMS HR Actions dashboard screen.

HR Actions has significantly improved our HR procedures. Supervisors are more informed about employee changes and we are able to track these changes electronically reducing research time.  ~Erika Rakel, IT Director, Talbert House

Two Column Data View

One of the most powerful features of Sage HRMS HR Actions® is the ability to view data in two columns. The first column displays the data currently in the Sage (Abra) HRMS system, the second displays the data entered in the form—or action—by an Initiator or Administrator.

Easy Form-builder Wizard

No more relying on IT. The Sage HRMS HR Actions Form-builder Wizard lets you build web-based forms with no programming experience. By simply selecting fields from Sage HRMS (Abra), administrators can create the form fields for the entries in the Sage HRMS (Abra) database they would like to be updated.

Set Business Rules

Greater control and customization is possible with Sage HRMS HR Actions.  With business rules, administrators can add approvers based on thresholds or criteria.  Common events that can trigger approval changes include salary increases above a certain percentage, promotions to an officer position or employee transfers into a specific organization level or department.

With many locations throughout multiple states, our employee review process was a mess. Once we implemented a paperless approval process for our employee reviews, the reviews became trackable. ~Jim Wilson, HR Manager, Rural King Supply

Clear Approval Sequence

Often, actions in HR require the approval of other managers, executives or supervisors. Sage HRMS HR Actions makes this an efficient process, as administrators can choose who they would like to approve the form. In the approval sequence view in Sage HRMS HR Actions, administrators can clearly see who is set up in the approval chain and make adjustments as necessary.

Plugin Forms Like W-4, I-9

Additional add-on forms for Sage HRMS HR Actions® like Form I-9 and Form W-4 are available for a small additional cost. Forms can be populated by data already in Sage HRMS (Abra) and routed for approval or for saving to Sage HRMS (Abra) just like other forms. Additional required documents can also be attached.

Electronic Signatures

In addition to having thorough audit trails on forms created and approved, Sage HRMS HR Actions gives you the ability to require web-based signatures and view when forms are signed and by which approver or employee. Employees can also add their own comments and signatures are automatically time stamped.

“My organization has been up and running with HR Actions for almost a year now. The program interfaces seamlessly with ABRA HR and ABRA Payroll. As an end user, I find it saves time by routing information electronically, and is much more efficient that using paper forms...” ~Keith Mazanec, HR Director, The Yale Club of New York

Video Demos

View video demonstrations of how Sage HRMS HR Actions can help you maximize the power of Sage HRMS and use it more effectively and efficiently.

  • Manager Dashboard

    Managers and supervisors can view all "actions" or forms they are involved with in the approval and workflow process. Sage HRMS HR Actions keeps track of any adjustments with a detailed audit trail.

  • Historical Data

    Historical data makes it easy to see completed forms and detailed audit trails around all activities associated with a form's completion. It also provides a means for generating reports through the SQL database.

  • 8-Step Wizard

    No more relying on IT. The Sage HRMS HR Actions Form-builder Wizard lets you build web-based forms with no programming experience.

  • Workflow Engine

    Sage HRMS HR Actions lets you set up forms that are automatically routed for approval.

  • Example Transfer Business Rule and Approval Workflow

    See how Sage HRMS HR Actions can be used to transfer an employee.

  • Business Rules

    This will show you how you can set up business rules when using Sage HRMS HR Actions.


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